A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born, 2018 film starring  Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott and Dave Chappelle.  An Oscar worthy film that I grudgingly admit was good.

Cooper plays Jack, an aging alcoholic singer than meets the fresh faced singer, songwriter Ally (Gaga) who is struggling to make it.  He is not only smitten with her but falls in love with her.  He gives her the platform she needs to make it all while he is still spiraling downward.  He is still tormented by his childhood and can’t get off the bottle.  Meanwhile, the two marry and her career begins to take off.  Jack’s life worsens as his internal demons begin to win breaking down their relationship.

So far this film has won a few awards including best original song with the Golden Globes and although the nominees for Oscars haven’t been announced yet I am sure it will be among them.

Once you start the film you have to see it through.  Cooper, who had a hand in most aspects of the film, was excellent and Gaga’s performance was, as a newer actor, very convincing.  She does have a future with Hollywood.  Some may not be fans of her music but she puts her all into it.  I love Sam Elliott as an actor, always have and he does not disappoint in this.

Even though this is yet another remake this version puts a new, fresh and modern spin to it and it came off brilliantly.  Directed by, and partially written by Cooper it showcases his talents well beyond just actor.  I think he did a great job.  Don’t go into the film thinking of all the past versions and comparing it to them.  Go into it like the story has never been told, you will enjoy it.

This film is definitely one worth watching again which to me makes the film that much better.  There have been mixed reviews on this film but I would say that most have been positive.  Give it a watch when you get the chance, you wont be disappointed.