Away, 2016 film starring  Juno Temple, Timothy Spall, Matt Ryan.  British made film with a good story.

North western England, young Ria (Temple) runs away from an abusive man with his stash of cocaine.  She hides out in Blackpool hoping to find a way to sell the stash so she and her best friend can get on with their lives away from drugs and abuse.  There she meets Joseph (Spall), a run down older man who has only thoughts of killing himself because of something in his recent past.  The two bond, they somehow feel safe with one another.  Inevitably the abuser Dex (Ryan) finds out where she is and it comes to a showdown on the shores of Blackpool.

This was a good story, not fully original but everyone who makes one of these puts their own spin on it.  I hadn’t heard of any of the actors but not surprising as it is a British film and that certainly didn’t stop me from watching it.  The film moved along a bit slow at first and I kept getting a bit confused with all the flashbacks that were happening and there were a lot of them.  Closer to the end the flashbacks started making sense.

No CGI here, wasn’t needed and if there were I certainly couldn’t see it.  It was just a story about drugs and abuse and two opposites who form an unlikely friendship.  It was enjoyable and emotional, I likely won’t see it twice but I’m not sorry I watched it.