Chariot, 2013 film starring Anthony MontgomeryIan SinclairBrina Palencia and Joe Nemmers.  Did the government really try this program?  Another conspiracy?

7 strangers wake up on a plane mid flight.  None of them know each other!  The cockpit is sealed an no one has there cell phones on them.  They must find a way to work together to find out what is going on, why and how they can get out of it.  The film starts by implying this was a real government operation.

To start, the acting was not what it could have been.  In my opinion the only decent actor was Nemmers but the killed him off mid way.  The story was ok I guess, whether true or not.  For some reason the entire film was shot in the plane, you did not see any outside flight scenes, it was kind of boring.  The cgi was pretty much non existent.  Gees folks, this could have been so much better if they would have added special effects and threw in a couple of name brand stars.  Sorry, this one does not get high marks.  The only thing good I can say is that once I understood the story I had to see it till the end but if I were you, give it a pass, not worth your time.