Colossal, 2016 film starring Anne HathawayJason Sudeikis and Austin Stowell.  Very original story to this film.  There were funny spots and serious spots.

It’s the story of Gloria (Hathaway), an alcoholic out of control young girl who is kicked out of her home by her boyfriend for partying too much.  She moves back to her parents abandoned home to start over.  She meets Oscar (Sudeikis), a childhood friend and ends up working and drinking at his bar.

Reports soon surface that a creature has appeared in Soul South Korea, destroying buildings and killing people.  As she follows the news about the attacks she soon realizes that she may have something to do with it.  As she learns more it is also clear that Oscar also has a part to play in the destruction.  Emotions run high and low as she tries to stop the terror and her interaction with Oscar has also gone in a weird direction.

A great, original story.  The visuals were stunning and the cast was fantastic.  Sorry Sudikis, you played ascrewed up man in this one but you played it well.  I would definately put this on a ‘Watch Again” list.

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