Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour, 2017 film starring  Gary Oldman, Lily James and Kristin Scott Thomas.      Very good drama about the early days of WWII.  Winston Churchill had just became Prime Minister of Great Britain.  The Germans were advancing through Europe fast and now threaten Paris.  When it falls the Nazis will be on the doorstep to England.

Fearing obliteration some cabinet members are urging Churchill to enter into talks with Hitler and surrender Great Britain.  Now he must face a choice as to whether he sues for peace or defiantly stands firm on defending his countries liberty and freedom.  The Darkest Hour is the one he spends just before speaking to his nation, the decision that will be remembered and changes the course of world history.

This is not an action packed war film but rather the drama that unfolded in the background before the public became aware.  Oldman played a very good version of Churchill, the acting was good and the costumes and scenes were bang on for the time period.  A very good watch.

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