Eddie the Eagle

Eddie The Eagle, 2015 film starring Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman and Tom Costello.  Soaring to new heights in popularity, not on the slopes.

This is the story of the British underdog Eddie Edwards (played by Egerton)  who defied all odds and made it to the 1988 winter Olympics in Calgary Alberta.  Inspired by true events this story follows hoe Eddie go into the sport to the help of an unlikely coach (Jackman) who taught him the ropes, well as best he could. They take on the British establishment and they gain the support of sports fans from around the globe.

I actually remember watching the Olympics in 88 with my Dad and seeing the ‘Eagle’ take his jumps.  We shook our heads and moved on but the story behind the man was pretty good.  Who would have thought he would have gone through so much just to get there but then again, none of us ever give any thought to the stories behind the people who make it.  Something that should be shown more of and I encourage producers to make more true event films.

The acting in this film was ok, Jackman was good.  The scenery was great, I believe I noticed they actually used Olympic park in Calgary to film some of this though they added fans in with CGI but it looked real.  Not sure if I would see this more than once, maybe twice but it was a feelgood film and I did enjoy it.  I love true life event films so this was a must see for me.  Check it out if you can, good film.