Eye In The Sky

Eye In The Sky, 2015 film starring  Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman.  Can you see a loaf of bread from space, in real time?

Mirren plays Col. Katherine Powell, a British military officer in command of an anti-terrorist unit.  With the help of several countries including the US they try to eliminate several wanted terrorists in Kenya.  Using people on the ground and drones in the air with real time cameras they acquire the target area and prepare to launch missiles when a young Kenyan girl sets up a bread stand right outside the gates to their target.  This starts an ethical problem of whether to continue which would kill the girls or find a way around it before their targets move.

I found this a very gripping drama.  To have several terrorists that have been on the most wanted list for years end up in the same house only to be thwarted by a morale question.  We know that most military’s would just fire and accept any collateral damage but the humanity in several of the key players comes out.  What would you do?  The other point this film brings is the technology in use.  Can they really see that clearly, in real time?  Scary thought if they actually can.

The acting was pretty good all around from Mirren to Barkhad Abdi who played the man on the ground who tried to save the girl.  The story was a unique one and tense at that, you kept thinking, what will happen, will the girl be alright, will the different leaders make the right choice?  CGI was in play but no hugely and they kept it so realistic that you barely noticed it.  Directed by Gavin Hood, this film came of very sound and strong.  I would recommend this as an excellent watch especially if you are into the ‘New War’ that we are in right now.