Field Of Dreams

Field Of Dreams, 1989 film starring Kevin CostnerJames Earl JonesRay Liotta and Amy Madigan.  An inspirational look into the unknown without the religion. 

Ray (Costner) is a simple corn farmer in Iowa who begins hearing voices while strolling through his fields.  “If you build it, he will come” the voice whispers until he sees a flash forward, a baseball field.  He believes that is what he must build and despite the heckles of the town, he does.  Soon a man appears in the field, a long dead baseball player, ‘Shoeless Joe Jackson’ (Liotta).  That’s not the end of it though, as more ghost baseball players keep arriving to play Ray keeps hearing the voice.  Thus begins his adventure across several states and stops back at his farm with a powerful ending.

This was a very deep film, I call it inspirational because sometimes divine intervention can only be the answer.  At first you think, oh no, a baseball film!  I know, sports films rarely do anything justice but this film was far more than about baseball.  Baseball was just the catalyst that brought everything together.  Ray obviously had a deep seeded guilt about the way he and his father got along, who actually played baseball at one point in his life.  Turns out ‘Ease his pain’ is about healing more than one person.

Costner and James Earl Jones meshed together rather nicely, both great actors, they seemed like they have always worked together.  All the acting was great in this and the story was rather unique.  We have seen baseball movies and people coming back from the dead films but never put together.  Yes, I call this inspirational because a higher power let the world see the good, the healing and the love.  The ending was, to me, very emotional, I actually chocked up when Ray realized what the entire journey was about.  It says something about an actor when he can convey that kind of emotion through the screen.  Very well done.