Finding Steve McQueen

Finding Steve McQueen, 2018 film starring  Travis Fimmel, William Fichtner, Rachael Taylor and Forest Whitaker.  Well put together little crime drama.

The year is set in 1972 and Harry Barber (Fimmel) joins with his brother and a small group of men who decide it’s time to go big!  They believe that President Richard Nixon has a secret fund of blackmail gains and illegal donations totaling about thirty million stashed in a bank safe.  They find the bank, create a plan and pull it off.  Immediately they are hounded by FBI agent Howard Lambert (Whitaker) who will not stop until all are captured.

First off, the film was great but honestly, the opening credits were a movie on it’s own!  Around 24 producers/ production companies took part in this and every name was shown…ridiculous!

Now to the film, it was supposedly based on a true story so there are a gang of real thieves out there.  The bigger realization is that Nixon had a bag of ill gotten cash!!!  Guess it proves he was a crook!  The sad part is the thieves thought that because this was bad money then no one would come after them, wrong, over a hundred FBI agents were sent in.

I did enjoy the film, it was fresh and the story was good.  They did turn it into a somewhat love story but it kind of played into the ending a bit.  What was fantastic to me throughout the film was the music and the visuals/props.  Loved seeing the old vehicles, the once great muscle cars.  It was a nice, easy watch with a lot of humor in it.  For a B movie I give it a four out of five.

Why this title though?  Turns out our main character sees himself cut from the same cloth as the actor, Steve McQueen and even tries to look like him.  Idol worship I guess.  I am sure that the characters were greatly fictionalized from the real men but you wouldn’t expect any less in a film.  I would wait till this film is on Tv though, not worth buying the dvd that’s for sure.