Firewall, 2006 film starring Harrison FordVirginia MadsenPaul Bettany, Robert Patrick and Alan Arkin.  Action packed bank robbing adventure for Ford.

For plays Jack Stanfield, a computer security expert for a major bank who is targeted by cyber thieves.  They kidnap his family and force him to take money out of the accounts of the rich into theirs.  Now Jack has to find a way to get his family back and stop the bank robbery before they succeed in framing him for the entire thing.

Not one of Ford’s best films.  He was great in it of course but it just lacked … something.  The story was ok and Bettany played a pretty decent bad guy.  I thought Robert Patrick would have been the bad guy here because he just looks like one but he was not a major player in the film.  Same for Arkin, sure, he mostly plays supporting roles but he is a good actor.  Madsen was also very good in her role here, she knows what she is doing.  There were no real fancy visuals for this film, maybe just some effects when people were shot.  As far as it being a technical film, hence the title ‘Firewall’, it really wasn’t.  For an 06 film it should have delved into the computer aspect more but they opted to keep it a physical good guy vs bad guys film.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good watch just not sure if it’s worth repeating!