Frequency, 2000 film starring Dennis QuaidJim Caviezel and Shawn Doyle.  Excellent film of a rip in time that brings a family back together.

John Sullivan (Caviezel) has grown up without his father Frank (Quaid) and his life has been hollow since.  One night he turns on his father’s old ham radio when a rip in time connects him to his father 30 years prior.  Soon realizing he can warn his dad of dangers and saving his life he must deal with the consequences of an altered time line.

Fantastic and gripping film.  I have re-watched this several times and love it.  The special effects were simple but powerful.  Quaid is a fantastic actor and you believe him in every roll.  The story was great and when the timeline begins to change you become more into it and even find yourself trying to help the son figure it out.  It was a fantastic mixture between drama, crime and a bit of sci fi thrown in.  The dangers of altering the past (if we could time travel that is) have always been known but would you do it?  This film dives into that and the end result for me was a great, entertaining picture, a must see.

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