Frost / Nixon

Frost / Nixon, 2008 film starring  Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon and Sam Rockwell.  The interview that shook America between British talk show host David Frost and disgraced former president Richard Nixon.

For three years after Nixon (Langella) left his post as president he remain secluded and silent.  In 1977 he shocked everyone by choosing the British television personality David Frost (Sheen).  Nixon would go on to confront any questions about the Watergate scandal that would end his presidency.  Nixon thought he could outwit Frost and be a beloved martyr in front of the American people.  We all now know how that ended.

I was a little skeptical that this would be a good film even though it was a Ron Howard film.  I thought a movie centered around an interview would be rather boring but I was pleasantly surprised.  It gave us a very insightful look into Nixon’s thoughts and life before and after Watergate.  Seems that Nixon always convinced himself he was doing everything for his people even when facts showed he was not.

Langella played the role of Nixon very well and convincing as did Sheen with his portrayal of Frost.  It truly was a battle of wits between the two men.  By the end I actually felt bad for Nixon.  We were always blitzed my the media of how evil and crooked Nixon was but yes, there are always two sides to every story.

It truly was a good film to watch, you had to sit uninterrupted to take in all the information but as I have stated before, I love to watch the historical re-telling of real events in the past.