Heart And Souls

Heart And Souls, 1993 film starring  Robert Downey Jr., Charles Grodin, Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick and Tom Sizemore.  Good story that had potential.

1959 San Francisco four people who had never met share the same fate and become bonded together throughout time.  Their bus they were travelling on crashes and all aboard die.  The driver appears to go up to heaven but they are thrust into the body of a new born boy.  For some reason they are all stuck with the child, they can’t even move more than twenty feet from him.  They are only visible to the boy who they eventually get to help them achieve their post death function before they are allowed to make the journey to heaven.

The idea for this film was ok, somewhat similar in idea about heaven like Downey’s other work, Chances Are.  It wasn’t a bad film, like I said the story was good but it had more potential than it turned out.  I love Woodard, she has always been a great actor and she showed it in this film.  Downey Jr, still a young fellow but you saw his future in film.

There was some special effects and they were pretty good but it was still early in the history of CGI so they were mixed with regular effects but they came off ok.  There was humor in this but quite a bit of serious scenes so I did not know what category to place it in.  It was a good film worth seeing again but it was just average, even for the time period it was released.