I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine, 2018 film starring Dennis QuaidJ. Michael Finley and Brody Rose.  Inspirational true story of the mega hit ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and the young man Bart Millard.

You may have heard of the song but probably not the true story behind it, I did not.    Bart Millard grew up in a broken home, a home filled with abuse and hate.  Being demeaned by his father all his life the man grows up to be a singer and joins the now famous group MercyMe.   After time he comes back home and see’s his father has seen the light, found Jesus.  He also finds out his father is dying and decides to forgive him, after all, he can not believe the once monster has now become a loving, compassionate man who only wants to right his wrongs and make up for lost time.  After his father passes he actually uses his notes and wrote the now famous inspirational song.

I am not usually a sucker for these types of films but I sat, watched and truly enjoyed.  Now even though the song is a church type song, the film had little to do with that until near the end.  As I watched I felt for the young man and hated the father.  This was also quite the departure for Quaid, I have never seen him as an abusive man like this one was.  The visuals, the character were all fantastic and I enjoyed every minute.  The story was not only gripping but also true and I love that combination.  You will like this film.

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