In The Line Of Fire

In The Line Of Fire, 1993 film starring  Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo and Dylan McDermott.  Eastwood can do no wrong in films!

Clint Eastwood plays Frank Horrigan.  An aging secret service agent who still has nightmares of losing a president back in November of 1963.  Now he is in the investigations division of the secret service and soon discovers a credible threat to kill the current president.  Not only that but it seems it is from a former CIA assassin Mitch Leary (Malkovich) who also has some kind of obsession with Frank.  Leary taunts Frank at every move, giving him enough to go on to get close.  Frank though is determined not to lose another president and tries to get ahead of Leary, leading to an awesome showdown.

There is no doubt for me that Clint Eastwood is one of those rare old school actors that moved into the twentieth century without flinching!  He can adapt his acting style to fit almost any role.  Back in the day when he acted in westerns or even dirty Harry he made his characters memorable and even today he creates characters that will be remembered for a long time.  I guess you could say he is a classic actor with a modern approach.

This film was very well written and filmed.  It is not a new story of course but never the less a memorable one.    In spots it was intense, edge of your seat moments and other scenes were humorous.  It was very gripping and I was hooked from the get go.  I had to see how it ends even though we all knew the president could never get killed.  Malkovich was excellent.  He played the evil, deranged assassin so well I almost felt bad for him at the end.  This was one of his better and more memorable performances I have seen.

This was a fantastic crime/suspense/drama film and absolutely goes on the ‘Watch Again’ shelf. (There are so many I have to build a couple more!)



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