Kodachrome, 2017 film starring Ed HarrisJason Sudeikis and Elizabeth Olsen.  A Netflix original film, better than what it is rated at by the critics.

It’s about the last few days of the Kodak’s non digital film developing system known as Kodachrome.  A famed old school photographer asks his son to accompany him on a road trip to Kansas to get four canisters of film developed he found before the world can no longer get them developed.  The trip also doubles as a father and son re-bonding as they had not seen nor liked each other for many years.

Now, we have all sen stories like this before, son hates father..father dying and wants to repent…bla bla bla!  True, but this story runs deeper.  I have to say, I like the pairing of Sudeikis and Harris.  The film was very endearing and I beleived the characters and what they conveyed.  No fancy special effects here, just plain old good acting with a great story.  I took a guess as to what was in those film canisters about half way through the film, I was right… watch and take your own guess.

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