Little Pink House

Little Pink House, 2017 film starring Catherine KeenerJeanne Tripplehorn and Colin Cunningham.  Too bad she didn’t paint it Viagra blue, might have gotten more attention!

Susette Kelo (Keener) becomes the unwitting leader of the movement to save the homes of the locals in this true story of people vs the government.  Her neighborhood was scheduled to be bulldozed flat to make way for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Corporation who had just invented the little blue pill and needed a production facility.  Her fight made it all the way to the supreme court but the local government using the eminent domain clause abusively won out.

It goes to show you how money and power hungry governments can be, from local right on up the pole.  Pfizer wanted the land, the local council made a backroom deal with them and then began ousting people from their homes, some who had lived their entire lives there.  I will be honest, I heard nothing of this through the media, it was like it never happened.  If this movie was true to what really happened then shame on Pfizer and shame on the government for misusing their authority.  With the amount of bad press Pfizer apparently got then why didn’t they pull out and save face.  Oh yes, the local government was giving them over 75 million in tax breaks to do it!

We need more true stories like this to open up everyone’s eyes.  I mean, the local council blatantly admitted that using the eminent domain clause was only for community upgrades and not for private firms.  So up until this point in time, how many people actually had their homes taken to make room for big business and profits?  Sorry folks, I’m ranting a bit but this typical misuse of power by governments, as often as it happens, makes me fume.

For the movie itself, it was a very good drama and the acting was pretty good.  No need for CGI here, it was just a great story conveyed to us by decent acting.  I am very glad I watched this film.  Too bad the critics were harsh, the more people that see this the better off we will be about fighting back and defending ourselves.