Nowhere To Run

Nowhere To Run, 1993 film starring Jean-Claude Van DammeRosanna Arquette and Kieran Culkin.  Another 90’s Van Damme action fighting film.

This time he plays Sam, an escaped convict, who befriends single mother of two, Clydie (Arquette).  She is going through a tough time as a mean developer (Joss Ackland) is trying everything he can do to get her land.  Sam stays with her and helps her in her struggle.

One would typically think that being a Van Damme movie he would do a lot of hand to hand fighting as normal but he actually tries to act in a serious roll.  It didn’t come off that way to me, he is just not that great as a serious actor.  The story was ok, nothing new about it.  We have seen similar stories before.  During his motorcycle chase you can totally see the use of a stunt double and how fake some of the cops acted while trying to catch him.  Now Arquette, she was good in this and lets face it, easy to look at.  I believed her in her roll.  Can’t remember where this was filmed but I loved the location, the house and property were beautiful.  I should boost it to three stars but I was just not that impressed with him in this one, he never played a criminal well, just a hero.  Sorry, this dvd will go in my yard sale box!