Patriots Day

Patriots Day, 2016 film starring Mark WahlbergMichelle MonaghanJ.K. Simmons, John Goodman and Kevin Bacon.  Very powerful, emotional and gripping telling of the Boston Bombing of 2013.

The story centers around multiple saga’s.  The investigators and how they managed to trace back and identify the bad guys, the police on scene who dealt with the tragedy, and the individuals involved, including Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky who both lost legs in the blast.  I wont say much about this film because I beleive everyone should see it.  It was one of the best true stories you can watch.  You can see and appreciate what the FBI, the cops and investigators went through to help and solve this crime.

It was so inspiring to see the people come together, the city come together and the country come together in a dark time in history but then again, the American’s always rally around each other in these times no matter the internal squabbling.  I wont mention the perpetrators as they deserve no recognition but it was again, inspirational to see the emotion and focus of all law enforcement tracking them down and making them pay.

If you have seen it, good for you, watch it again.  If you haven’t seen it you need to but beware, this film sparks raw emotions and in some scenes is tough to watch.  Great job by all involved in the telling of this story.

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