Resting Place

Resting Place, 1986 film starring John Lithgow, Richard Bradford and Morgan Freeman.  The challenges the US African Americans faced in the early 70’s were unbelievable, even for war hero’s!

Major Kendall Laird (Lithgow) is ordered to be the Survivor guidance officer for the Johnson family who he accompanied back to his home town for burial.  Problem is, the dead soldier is black and the cemetery is all white, even though the Johnson’s own the plot for their son.  They are turned away during the funeral much to the dismay of Laird.  He vows to the family that he will do what he can to get their son buried in that cemetery and starts looking into the young soldiers death.  There he uncovers some mystery surrounding the death and decides he must do what’s right and figure it out, even if it costs the Johnson’s the right to bury their child in the cemetery.

Even though this film is 31 years old now the story is still powerful to this day.  It was a shame how some people treated the African American’s in those days but they were ‘Those Days’ and people (white) were not taught tolerance, not taught respect of others and were not taught compassion.  As a white male I feel ashamed of the way they were treated.  That is why I like films like this, to remind us all what it was like and to learn from it.  I mean it is 2018 now, we should all be treated the same but there are still those out there that do not learn from things.

Lithgow’s performance was fantastic I thought.  You could see his transition from ignorance (he didn’t know this type of thing took place) to compassionate all the way to defiance when he battled with himself as to whether to continue or just drop the case.  We saw a young Morgan Freeman in this as well, he did a good job but only appeared once in a while.  The story was good, powerful and should be seen.  If you want to see how people were treated, maybe learn something and watch a very good film then you should see this one.