Selma, 2014 film starring David OyelowoCarmen Ejogo and Tim Roth .  True tale of a dark time in the US history.

This is the story (true) of how Martin Luther King Jr campaigned to acquire the voting rights that at the time were already there but being blocked by die hard southerners and their use of loopholes.  In 1965 he and his gang traveled to Selma, Alabama where the right of the African Americans were being ignored by a ruthless southern Governor and his sheriff.  The team decides on a peaceful march from Selma to Montgomery.  The rest is history which was captured on the televisions around the globe.  The end result was President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

To start with, this was a very good historical film that if you did not know the full history of the equalization movement then you need to see it.  I have learned in school and throughout life that this struggle was hard but since the invention of the internet and really sound movies on the subject, I have learned how hard, how bad and how disgraceful it was.  The film portrayed MLK the way I believe he actually was, just a man who had a vision and did something unprecedented about it.  The visuals were bang on, I thought it was the sixties and you could not tell any different.  All the actors in this film poured their hearts into it and it turned out wonderful.  If you haven’t seen this film I do recommend that you see it.  It will defiantly be a watch again film for many.

This was a really sour time in history but is history never the less.  I am a firm believer that you not only can’t erase history but you should also preserve it and learn it.  Good or bad, it’s history that the world should and has learned from it.  A lot of reasons this and many other issues are still prevalent is that people dwell on it, use it to run their ideals, run their lives and continue to cry about it.  Both sides!  The world needs to grow, move on and accept.  Lets not hate each other.  Lets not tear down monuments because they reminds you of a dark time, keep them, look at them grow from them.  If you try to hide the history no one in the future will believe it.