Shock And Awe

Shock And Awe, 2017 film starring Woody Harrelson, Rob Reiner, James Marsden and Tommy Lee Jones.  Well done fact based film that exposes some of the power hungry elements to the Bush’s administration.

It’s the story of the Knight-Ridder news agency and the two reporters who dug into and revealed the false facts that the government was using to justify going to war in Iraq.  This is probably one of the first times we publicly saw that the mainstream news media was not telling us the truth but only what the government wanted us to hear.  To me it exposed what the Bush administration wanted, they wanted Iraq, a strategic and rich country they could own in the middle east that would enable them to control the entire region and protect Israel.  They used  9 11 and terrorism to convince the country that Iraq was in league with al-Qaeda and had “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” in their possession.  This was proven to be untrue by these reporters and even more so, when the US had the country they could still find no wmd’s.

This film can be a bit of a political fire bomb.  I am glad Hollywood still loves money over politics but we all know Hollywood is also completely Liberal so this also helps further their cause.  We have seen in the past Hollywood rip into the Liberal leaders through film so I watched with an open mind.  We all know that governments and senates are corrupt, On both sides, so a film that remains true is sometimes what we need.  Who knows, maybe one day the people will get sick of it…