Small Town Saturday Night

Small Town Saturday Night, 2010 film starring Shawn ChristianChris PineBre Blair and Octavia Spencer.  You would think that with the names in this cast it would be a good movie?

It’s a simple tale of the day in the life of a small US town with several stories going on.  Rhett (Pine) who is a singer leaving the town with his girlfriend and daughter and the girlfriend suddenly has mixed feelings.  Donny (John Hawkes) who is just released from prison starts going downwards again.  Les (Adam Hendershott) who just wants to fit in but is cursed with an overbearing mother.  And finally Tommy (Christian) who drives around as the deputy trying to keep the peace.

Without Pine and Spencer in this I think nobody would have gone to see it.  I started watching and immediately thought ‘B’ movie and what is Pine thinking doing this?  Though most of the characters have a connection in the somewhat boring story it still didn’t help the overall feeling.  I mean, I was bored with it within the first 30 minutes.  It was slow, acting was sub par and the story was not interesting enough to actually be a movie.  The film did grow on me somewhat and instead of turning it off I found that now I needed to know how it would end.  Sorry guys, this is not a film I will see twice.