Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service, 2017 film starring Miles TellerBeulah Koale and Joe Cole.  Very stirring and emotional film about returning vets from war.

A group of friends and fellow soldiers return from the middle east.  It’d their true life story of how hard these men had it to integrate back into civilian society and their families all while living with the horrors they had endured while oversea’s.  The men all soon realize that they are not normal, the war has changed them and they don’t know how to shake it so they seek help from the VA.  It also becomes quite evident that the government is ill equipped to deal with the high volume of service men and women who need help.

As true stories go this one was powerful and a must watch for anyone who has or knows a returning vet.  Serving for your country is very noble and should be respected and so should returning home be, these brave soldiers need the government and it’s agencies to take care of everyone that returns home, it’s the least that can happen.

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