The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau, 2011 film starring Matt DamonEmily Blunt and Lisa Thoreson.  Unique story of how we have, or have not, free will.

Dave (Damon) is running for the US Senate for New York, the night he is to give a speech he runs into Elise (Blunt) and they are immediately attracted to one another.  Then, the men in hats intervene, they make it so they should not be together.  The men in hats work for the ‘Chairman’ (God) and are tasked with keeping everyone on his plan for their lives.  To Dave that means he has no free will and he doesn’t like that, he tries everything he can to thwart the ‘Adjustment Bureau’ so that he and Elise can be together.

A lot of the critics were right with this one, it was a very good film.  Damon always entertains.  He and Blunt worked well together and did a fantastic job.  The story was also good.  Do we or do we not have free will in our lives?  This story delves into that say that yes, we can choose what to eat, what to wear but the important decisions in our lives are predetermined.  Not only was this film a good sci-fi type but the love story was front and center as well.  It was all around entertaining, they didn’t even require heavy CGI in this, just a few when doors opened.

Makes you think, are our lives predetermined or do we choose our own paths?  That’s what I liked about this movie not only was I entertained but it makes you think!