The American President

The American President, 1995 film starring Michael DouglasAnnette BeningMartin Sheen and Michael J Fox.  Good heartwarming story about the leader of the free world.

Andrew Shepherd (Douglas), the American President is about to end up his first term in office when he meets an activist, Sydney Ellen Wade (Bening) who was sent to the white house as an environmental lobbyist.  They quickly fall in love despite the misgivings of his staff, especially with looming elections.

I am a fan of this kind of film.  It borders on a chick flick but then you add the presidency in it becomes watchable for men too.  Michael Douglas was very good in this, he played a likable president and though I am not a huge Bening fan she did alright here.  No fancy cgi or visuals just a good story.  It’s funny that when two people fall for each other (especially people in the public view) there is always someone to try and tear it apart.  Richard Dreyfuss plays Senator Rumson who tries to do just that, simply because he wants to be the president.  The humor in the film, the story and the acting were all great, especially from Douglas.

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