The American

The American, 2010 film starring  George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli and Violante Placido.  A lone American assassin in Europe.

Tired of being alone, travelling around the world killing people, lone assassin Jack (Clooney) tell his handler that he has had enough but is convinced to do just one more job.  He goes to the Italian countryside, where he stays up in a small town where he enjoys being away from it all.  His assignment as directed by a Belgian woman is to construct a weapon for her to assassinate someone.  At the same time Jack surprises himself as he becomes friends with a  local priest Father Benedetto (Bonacelli) and pursues romance with a local woman.

This is the type of film that if you don’t sit and concentrate on it you become lost easily.  I found it a bit slow moving but watchable.  I admit, I did lose interest a couple of times briefly but kept on going.  It’s a bit of a spy thriller but not flashy or filled with action.  It’s more about this one man and how he deals with his life at the stage he is in at this moment.  We don’t learn anything about where he came from, any family, no back story at all really.  We don’t even know what agency he is working for or why people want him dead.  Who knows, maybe he worked for the bad guys, we just don’t learn that.

Ok, apart from all that Clooney’s acting was great, he always did know what to do.  He took an otherwise dull character (or film) and at least explained visually why!  The rest of the film was just scenery which was nice but in all the film came off boring to me.  I am not a deep enough guy to see the value in a film that centers on one character!  I still give it a passing grade but not a “watch Again’ grade!




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