The Astronaut Farmer

The Astronaut Farmer, 2006 film starring Billy Bob ThorntonVirginia MadsenBruce Dern and Bruce Willis.  Good story, I do like original one’s and we have not seen one like this previous.

It’s the story of a former astronaut who never made it up into space before he quit NASA to work and try to save his families farm.  Never giving up the dream to go to space Charles Farmer (Thornton) build his own rocket ship with parts purchased through various sources.  This sucks up most of his money and has to mortgage the farm numerous times.  His wife Audrey (Madsen) who is ok with his dreams, finds out about their mortgages when it begins to affect the kids and the farm.

Suddenly it is time to try the rocket but after buying the fuel he would need the government becomes aware of what he is doing and tries to stop him.  After defying the government and crashing his rocket he realizes he must give up the dream.  Audrey can’t stand to see Charles live without his dream so she uses money from her fathers estate to give him a second chance.

This was a wonderful story of a man’s perseverance to fulfill his dream in life and became a definite ‘Watch Again’ film for me.  You will enjoy the story, the scenery and the added visuals.

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