The Call Of The Wild

The Call Of The Wild, 2020 film starring  Harrison Ford, Omar Sy, Cara Gee and Dan Stevens.  Excellent film for the whole family!

It’s the story of story of Buck, a kindhearted dog who is snatched from his home life and thrust into perilous situations.  After being subdued into submission by a man with a club Buck is sold to a Yukon sled team.  It’s the late 1890’s and this type of powerful dog is in high demand.  He adapts and learns the trade to become a loyal head dog of the team.  After losing his team Buck learns to listen to his instincts and grows.  With the help of his new friend, John Thornton (Ford) he learns to harness his instincts and head the call of the wild!

The story is not new (written by Jack London in 1903) but it is a great one.  I’m sure we all had to read it in high school.  This new take on the story, I think, may become an instant classic.  Director Chris Sanders did a very good job of making this film.

Buck is completely CGI and when the film began you realized it but after a few minutes the dog seemed to integrate so well you either didn’t notice or didn’t care.  I would love to have been on the set when they made this just to see how they blend CGI with reality.  I must say, the computer geniuses involved with generated graphics keep getting better and better!  Watch out movie stars, soon they will not need real actors!

Harrison Ford was his usual excellent self though he was really only in it from about half way on.  All the cast who interacted with the dogs did a great job acting with something they could not see during filming.

The films rating around the net are pretty much on par with mine though I’m sure the production companies would have liked to earn more.  It’s unfortunate it came out just as the global pandemic did because more and more folks stopped going to theaters.  As of writing this I believe all theaters are now closed!  Shame.  It is, however available on Prime and Disney as an early release for streaming at an average cost.  We all need more entertainment like this while we all endure lock-downs in one form or another!

This is a great film to gather the family in front of, grab some popcorn and have a great night together.

Production Credits;

  • 20th Century Studios
  • 3 Arts Entertainment
  • Province of British Columbia Production Services
  • TSG Entertainment