The Challenger Disaster

The Challenger Disaster, 2019 film starring  Dean Cain, Glenn Morshower and Eric Hansen.  The only good part in this movie was the worst part in the story!  The acting was the disaster in this film!

It’s the story (supposedly true) of an o-ring engineer who, on the eve of the Challenger launch needs to warn his superiors and Nasa that the shuttle will fail at the temperatures forecast in Florida for the launch.  Problem is (not just that it is t minus 14 hours to go) the engineer has virtually no interpersonal skills and is so hot headed that he will not entertain the idea that he is wrong.  This makes it hard to convince Nasa that they need to abort or delay the launch.

We all know the Challenger story.  It has been made into movies several times, some with this very title.  This films focuses on one man’s struggle to stop the launch.  I’m not sure it’s a true story myself because the engineer stated numerous times that he had been aware of the issue for over a year and could not convince anyone!  Why would it be so hard to point out a flaw to your company?  I don’t care if you don’t know how to speak to people, it is a simple thing to accomplish.

That is not what totally ruined it for me though, it was the horrible acting.  If this film did not have Cain and Morshower in it the film would receive no stars from me.  Why these two would agree to this flimsy script I don’t know.  The rest of the cast needed a lot of schooling in the field of acting, either that or different careers.  Sorry, I don’t mean to be so hard but they have taken a tragic time and a powerful story and made it into a joke.

It was emotional in this film when it was the launch day.  We all know the story and the heartbreak that ensued.  The rest of the time, before and after in this film was a pure waste of time.  Do not go by the poster for this film, it looks interesting but that is it!!  I recommend you watch one of the many other films about this story and give this one a pass.



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