The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd, 2006 film starring Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro and William Hurt.  Tense little CIA drama from the early days  of the agency.

Edward Wilson (Damon) is a CIA inspector and covers the Bay Of Pigs fiasco who he thinks that Castro was tipped off about.  He investigates further into that while going through his own personal ordeal, flash backs to his childhood, his failing marriage and his distance to his son.  He ends up in Europe during the cold war and it becomes evident that his own agency has a leak.  Now he must deal with that while going through everything else.

This film does have an intriguing story, actually several that end up combined together to create quite a good ending.  This is a thinking movie, one where you have to listen and learn, look deeper and pay attention to scenes you may think don’t matter.  It is a very deep film and delves into the very heart of American/Russian espionage in those early days.  Damon was great in this film, he fits the part very well and Jolie was also excellent.  She can be really good given the right script and colleges.    De Niro, hurt…enough said, can’t go wrong with them.

The story, though not likely factual for historic purposes was very good, stimulating, I actually followed it throughout.  The period costumes and clothing were bang on and if they did use CGI I rarely noticed it.  This is what you want, a good story told by great actors.