The Help

The Help, 2011 film starring  Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.  The 60s brought change in a small Mississippi town, a change that was met with mixed feelings.

Set in the early sixties Mississippi, Skeeter (Stone) wants to be a novelist.  She finds it a hard business to break into but she has a story idea, one that has never been thought of and could land her in big trouble.  She see’s the way the African American were treated, especially the women maids and decides they need a voice.  She wants to write their views, what they think of and how they are perceived and treated.  It could come with a price though, not just for the maids but for Skeeter, she could be ostracized by the white public and disavowed by her friends and family.

Very powerful film, I have seen many films about the struggle of black vs white back in the fifties and sixties and it always astonishes me as to how we acted back then.  I say we but as a people.  Spencer and Davis were very believable with their acting and I can totally understand why Octavia Spencer won her Oscar for it.  The film was also nominated for three other Oscars as well as winning several other awards.  Stone’s part was good but the emphasis was on the maids and their struggle.  Sorry to say but man there were some evil white bitches back then.  Uneducated and uncaring but I sort of understand why they acted that was how everyone did and until the country could step back and see what they were doing, grow some morals things wouldn’t change.

This is a very good film which should be seen in history classes like many other films like this.  You see, some history is bad, very bad but it should not be covered up nor should it be used in today’s world to incite more hatred but it should be used to learn, to see what the world was like , to pay homage to those who struggled and to continue to grow from it.  Yes, a reminder that we need to keep working on ourselves and treat everyone the same.  Sorry, sounds like I’m preaching but these are my thoughts.

Add this film to your library of ‘Watch Again’ films, it was great.