The Last Castle

The Last Castle, 2001 film starring Robert Redford, James Gandolfini and Mark Ruffalo.  Fantastic prison film with some of the best actors around.

After his court-martial, disgraced three star general Eugene Irwin (Redford) is sent to a maximum security military prison ran by the corrupt Colonel Winter (Gandolfini) who treats the prisoner very unfairly to the point of extreme cruelty.  Though the General wanted only to serve his time the prisoners looked to him for leadership against the ruthless Colonel.  Sides are drawn and the battle begins.

My Take, well made movie. Loved how deranged Gandolfini made his character.  He is the kind of warden you find in many of these types of films but Gandolfini pulls it off remarkably.  Redford played a solid part, excellent performance.  I felt for his character, army through and through his whole life and one wrong decision cost the lives of eight of his men.  He could have gotten off but his honor wouldn’t allow it.  He played the part superbly.  The supporting cast such as Ruffalo and Steve Burton were also great in this film.

Yes, this is an older film but it does stand the test of time well,  I think that even our younger generation would enjoy this one.  It has a great story with a great cast, time well spent.  The sets were good albeit only one place, prison but that is all that was needed. The direction by Rod Lurie made this film a definite ‘watch again’ film,  fantastic job.