The Last Movie Star

The Last Movie Star, 2017 film starring Burt ReynoldsAriel Winter and Clark Duke.  Beautiful story about an aging former Hollywood star grappling with his fading fame and growing old.

Reynolds plays Vic Edwards, a former film star, toast of the town and in famous playboy.  He is now old, taking pills everyday for his ailments and no one recognizing him anymore.  He accepts an invite to a film festival in Nashville thinking other stars would be there and he could regale in past glories with them.  Not so, the festival is put on by amateur film makers who just want to express their admiration for him.  It further saddens him to see that he flies coach, gets a third rate hotel room and is been driven around by a tattoo’d, pierced young girl driving a beat up old car.

He comes to the conclusion that his glory days are well behind him now and that he must faced growing old.  He enlists his driver Lil (Winter) to take him to a few places where he can inevitably say goodbye.  During his little tour he see’s what his life was like and what it still is, an awakening if you will.

The root of this film I believe is about growing old and how we, as individuals, must deal with it.  Reynolds plays the part perfectly.  There are even scenes where he is back in the day talking with his younger self, hoping to steer himself in a different direction.  I believe this film should be a must see but I don’t know if it is ‘Watch Again’ worthy, I guess I will have to wait and see.

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