The Leisure Seeker

The Leisure Seeker, 2017 film starring  Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland and Christian McKay.  An elderly couple on their last voyage with one another, very emotional.

In their faithful old RV Ella (Mirren) and John (Sutherland) sneak away from their home and head south.  She wants him to see The Ernest Hemingway home in Key West, something he has dreamt of seeing his entire life.  They recapture their zest for life, travel and one another.  Their kids are crazed and scared that they have done this and the couple will not tell them where they are going.  The reason, he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and she is in the later stages of cancer.

It was a tough movie to watch, not because it was bad but the subject matter involving the health of the two characters.  We have all seen this happen to someone in some form or another and it is not pretty.  I do understand why they wanted to get away.  It was something they obviously did their whole lives and enjoyed.  More than that, they wanted to be with the real them one last time.  His memory was collapsing quickly and her pills that kept her going were running low.  Now saying all that means that the story was very good as I even talk about the characters as though they were real.

Sutherland played a good part, he showed confusion and fear when his character forgot things, as though it were really happening to him.  Mirren, who is a great actor regardless, showed great strength in this with her compassion.  This story was very moving and as we grow older it is a possibility that we all face and fear but if we can go through it together like this couple did then we regain some dignity.  The ending was tough to watch but inevitable.

There is some great scenery involved in their road trip as they make their way south and it was a pleasure to see.   There were some funny scenes, sad scenes and very heartwarming scenes.  I can’t complain about this one too much but for me it is not a watch again film.  Glad I saw it though.