The Man Who Killed Hitler, Then Bigfoot

The Man Who Killed Hitler, Then Bigfoot.  2018 film starring  Sam Elliott, Aidan Turner and Caitlin FitzGerald.  Interesting alternate reality film of the end to Hitler and then a mystical creature called bigfoot!

Calvin Barr (Elliott) is an aging and once legendary assassin for the government.  Now a recluse for his own personal demons he is sought out for one more secret mission.  To track down and kill a Bigfoot that became infected with a deadly disease that could spread to others if the creature remains on the loose.  He takes the job but it also brings back memories of the war for him.  With that he struggles to complete his new mission.

In this age of finding something new to make a movie about they actually came up with an interesting one!  There hasn’t been any real big foot films since the eighties and none were any good.  The film though is more of a character study and his life.  The big foot thing is just a slight tangent.    It’s filled with  flashbacks to his life and critical moments bringing us to his current time.  As a film in that respect, it is good.

I’m sure it would have been beneficial to the world if Hitler had been killed off before he caused to much havoc but that part, as is big foot, fantasy!

Elliott’s performance was great in this film, as is most of his works.  They could have come up with a better title though.  Kind of gives away what happens.  In all, I thought it was a very good film, worth seeing at least once!

Production Credits :

  • Epic Pictures
  • Title Media

Directed By : Robert D. Krzykowski