The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief, 1993 film starring Julia RobertsDenzel Washington and Sam Shepard. Loved these older conspiracy with the government movies.

Young law student Darby Shaw (Roberts) uncovers a conspiracy with huge implications.  She writes a brief on it and lets her professor/boyfriend see it. (He worked for one of two Supreme Court Judges who have recently been killed)    Copies of it get into the wrong hands and trying to keep their secrets and their president safe they go after Darby.  On the run she hooks up with reporter Gray Grantham (Washington) who helps her get the story out to the public even with attempts on both their lives.

One thing I can say about the conspiracy theorists around the world, they give writers absolutely great ideas!  This was a very compelling and well written film.  I enjoyed it from start to finish.  Of course Roberts and Washington were brilliant but so was the entire supporting cast.  Back in the 90’s quality writing was the mainstream and the result was some excellent films.  No fancy cgi needed for this one.  It is definitely a ‘Watch Again’ film.  Every time I see this movie I pick out something I overlooked before.  It is one of those films that is not only entertaining but one you need to concentrate on or you may miss something.