The Tourist

The Tourist, 2010 film starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.  The story centers on an American tourist in Italy (trying to move on from his wife’s death) who is picked at random by Elise, a mysterious woman who means to use him to throw the scent off the police to cover her criminal lover.

The story to me was just ok, they did film in Venice which really helped as the scenery was awesome.(Not just Angelina!)  It was nice to see Johnny Depp not in a pirates costume for a change but I found the movies was a little slow but still worth a watch.

Casting choice was great, Angelina was at her finest and looked great and Johnny was decent.  The supporting cast (Paul Bettany and Steven Berkoff) helped sell the film.  Despite the great cast and visuals I thought this was just an ok movie.

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