Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days, 2000 film starring  Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood and Steven Culp.  Powerful film showing how the Kennedy’s avoided world war three in 1962.

After a U2’s flight over Cuba in 1962 reveals the construction of long range and medium range nuclear missile sites JFK (Greenwood) must figure out how to stop the Russians from continuing.  Not only was he in a battle with Russia and Cuba but with his own military leaders who saw this as an excuse to invade the island and overthrow Castro.  He must maintain his stance and his executive powers and overcome all the obstacles thrown in front of him.

This film was obviously based on the true story of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how it was dealt with.  I would like to think this is how it went down as it showed Kennedy and his brother trying to do whatever they could without causing any harm to their people.  It showed not only his intelligent side but his caring side as he loved his country and did not want his people to go through a nuclear war.  It also showed us that he was tough and if push came to shove he would have to go to war.  Hard to believe that we actually came within six hours of world war three!!

The film was acted beautifully especially by Costner, Greenwood and Culp.  I believed their characters and enjoyed watching them put their all into it.  These are the types of films that will stand the test of time.  They made the film very period accurate I thought.  I even looked up one of the ships used (753) and turns out it was the John R. Pierce which actually did inspect over 13 ships during the blockade.  I give them credit for researching it very well.  I rate this film with almost perfect marks because it was a great watch, even though we all know the eventual outcome it was still tense to see it unfold.  It’s a part of history and I love seeing these types of events told on the big screen.