Trouble With The Curve

Trouble With The Curve, 2012 film starring Clint EastwoodAmy Adams and John Goodman.  Very touching story, Eastwood never disappoints.

Basically the story of a famed baseball scout who’s daughter tries to mend their dysfunctional relationship.  He is ailing and is on his last scouting mission.  She accompanies him on the scouting mission at the request of Pete (Goodman) who works on the team but is also one of Gus’ best friends.

As the title suggests and so does the synopsis, you would think this is a sports movie but really it is about the aging father, his pride and his daughter.  I found this a very heart warming film and Eastwood really came across as the typical working man (all his life) who is being told he is no longer good at what he does and needs to retire.  I feel for that guy as I am nearing that age as well, well maybe a little over 12 years from now but you see my point, this happens all the time.  A man thrives on his value to others which gives him pride in himself.

The casting was great, couldn’t have been better.  Adam’s has really blossomed into a great actor and I will look at more of her movies.  The story was just that, a good story, good acting and no fancy visuals.  Something that is lacking these days I think.  Have a boo at this film, I think you will enjoy it as much as I did and will definitely see this again one day.

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