Twister, 1996 film starring Helen Hunt, The Late Great Bill Paxton and Cary Elwes.  As a young girl, Jo Harding (Hunt) loses her father to the biggest twister on record and from then on is possessed with them and finding a better way to warn the public.

As an adult, she is still obsessed, so much so that her marriage is ending to Bill Harding (Paxton).  He comes to her to sign the papers which will make it official when storm season hits and the two team up to get the info they need on how and way tornadoes are formed.  Using a machine called ‘Dorothy’ the must drive into harms way and release it into the eye of the storm.  Soon they realize the twister is just like the one that killed her father and now they must also survive the vicious beast.

In 96 it was a blockbuster and busted up all the charts, Disney even made a theme ride (Which I have actually been on).  It’s hard to build a movie around storm chasing but they managed it though looking at it now I don’t think it was that great.  I did like the movie but now that I have seen it twice I think I’m done with it.  For those who like Paxton, he was great in it, too bad he is gone because he had much more in him.  Overall it did make my watch again list but only twice.

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