UFO, 2018 film starring  Alex Sharp, Ella Purnell, Benjamin Beatty, Gillian Anderson and David Strathairn.  Using math to create communications with ET!

A college student uses his super math skills to investigate what he believes is a UFO cover-up while at the same time a division of the FBI does the same.  The young man comes to the FBI’s attention when his investigation leads to confronting key witnesses that they to are looking at.

So, the film was alright but by the end my brain was hurting!  They concentrated so much on the math that the story just floated on by.  I admit, I am no scientist but neither is 90% of our population and you almost had to be one to watch this.  Oh, I could follow it going on their facial expressions when they correctly identified a math problem but the movie tried to make you think too much!

It was a fresh approach to the UFO phenomenon but they should have given us more, more UFO scenes, more action maybe.  The title made me look forward to seeing the aliens and maybe even contact but it did not, you only saw the UFO briefly near the end.  The acting was good by Anderson and Strathairn but that’s it.  The kids were ok.  I liked the camera angles and scenery, no CGI that I could identify except the few seconds we saw the UFO.  The film could have been so much more instead it comes off as a B movie, I had high expectations but was fooled.


#UFO  /  #conspiracy