Zathura, A Space Adventure

Zathura, A Space Adventure, 2005 film starring Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo, Dax Shepard and Kristen Stewart.  Amusing tale of games that move our imaginations.

Two young brothers who just can not seem to get along are left alone by their father (Tim Robbins) with only their sister at home, in bed, not caring about them.  The younger brother Danny (Bobo) finds a weird game in the basement and gets his brother Walter (Hutcherson) to play it with him.  Suddenly as the game begins every move the make happens to them in real life and soon they are floating in space on an adventure of a lifetime.  They must play the game all the way to end it!

Similar to Jumanji but in space.  That is way the story is not fully original.  Oh it was good but it all didn’t just jive.  I’m picky but when they step on the front porch and realize they are floating in space why did their heads not explode from vacuum?  I mean when they rescued the astronaut, he was wearing a space suit!!  That and their house was blown apart with so many asteroids, how did it stay together and how did they still have electricity??  I know this was made with the target audience the same age as the actors but come on!  I will go as high as three stars on this one because the CGI was good and the action was ok.  Doesn’t say much though when a film costs 65 mil to make and their overall earnings in the opening year only totaled 64 mill!  Don’t worry though, I’m sure they will try again.  I will say this, if you have a young family then all sit together for family night and watch this, it will be fun and the kids will love it.