Lady In The Water

Lady In The Water, 2006 film starring  Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright.  Mysterious water people trying to help guide man on the right path!

Cleveland Heep (Giamatti) is an apartment superintendent with a past that haunts him daily.  He rescues a mysterious woman from the apartment pool.  Turns out the woman is a Narf, from an old bedtime story about a race of people that come from the water as told by a young Asian student’s mother that resides in the building.  She is here to motivate a great writer to continue his work, a work that will eventually become the basis of a future leaders life and change the course of the world for the good.  Once done she is to return from where she came but she is also being hunted by the Scrunt, a viscous enemy of the Narf.  Heep and members of the apartment come together to assist her and make sure her quest succeeds so that she may be picked up and taken home by the giant eagle.

This was a very interesting film by M Night Shyamalan (who also played the writer) and filmed in the style that he is so famous for, eerie and suspenseful but in a fairy tale kind of way.  As far as Shyamalan films go though this one did not receive the praise that others have.  I disagree though, I found this film unexpectedly deep and entertaining.

The effects used were not superior but blended nicely within the story.  The story was good, using a made up fairy tale but contained a message of each of the characters finding their purpose in life.  Giamatti, I thought, was excellent in this film and he made his character very convincing.  He conveyed his emotions through the screen and onto the audience.  I really felt for his character.

I know not everyone thinks this was a good film but I rather liked it.  It was mysterious, had a hidden message (which all Night’s films usually do) and was unique.  Give it a go, I think you may be pleasantly surprised.



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