Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines, 2018 film starring Hera Hilmar, Robert Sheehan and Hugo Weaving.   To the critics, it was a fantastic story, not real life!

It’s the story of a a post-apocalyptic future where cities are mobile, where they hunt one another down for their resources.  Hester Shaw (Hilmar) has been searching years for London and her chance to get in the city and kill the man responsible for her mothers death.  She teams up with London outcast Tom Natsworthy (Sheehan) to help stop London from acquiring and using an old tech weapon, one that was the cause of Armageddon a thousand years ago.  Add to that Hester is now being hunted by Shrike, the half human (zombie like), half machine that took her in and raised her after the death of her mother.

I went into this one thinking it would be crap, I had read several reviews and they were not favorable at all.  Surprisingly, I thought it was pretty good.  The story was good though you could see similarities with past sci-fi films.  I suppose it is hard to come up with something completely new these days.  Cities on wheels is a bit of a stretch but this was written as a fantasy type post apocalyptic film.  When you think about it though, how can they keep running?  Something that enormous would take so much fuel!!  I would think that a thousand years after Armageddon everything would have run out.

The acting was good for people I haven’t really herd about, well, except for Weaving.  He has been in so many great films and plays a superb villain in lots of them.  From agent Smith in Matrix, the voice of Megatron in the Transformer films to Red Skull in Captain America.  Hilmar and Sheehan have been around of course and have many credits to their names but either tv and film I have not yet seen or bit parts in films.

The CGI was spectacular here, it would have to be to show cities moving through the country on gigantic tank treads and wheels.  It’s integration with live scenes was very well done.  There were some humorous parts and even sad parts like when Shrike realized Hester was in love and needed to stay human.  It was actually a touching scene, if you could look past the ugliness of Shrike!

It’s a fairly new release so I do not want to give too much away.  It was very entertaining to me and any sci-fi buff will like this film.  I would actually watch it again, I might just notice something I missed the first go around.  Nice work!!