42, The True Story Of An American Legend, 2013 film starring  Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford and Nicole Beharie.  Excellent re-telling of a legend.

This is the true story of how Jackie Robinson, in 1947, became the first African American to play in the Major League Baseball series.  He caught the eye of baseball executive Branch Rickey (Ford) who saw the inevitable change coming to the major league.  He signed Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers to the dismay of his team mates and the league in general.  There was no written law stating that colored’s could not play just an unwritten rule among owners that no others were will to go against.  It becomes a major challenge for Jackie (Boseman) and his family but he keeps his cool and presses on.

This is a good baseball movie but it is a better historical drama of the challenges to African American in those days.  This was during the height of racism in America and in my opinion it was a big deal for Robinson to make it in.  I’ve said it before that I love historical recounts of events or people from the past and this film is no exception.

It was a riveting recount of his life during that time.  He was a strong man that had to learn how to deal with the rampant racism and segregation in order to fulfill his goals in life.  This film did not start at the beginning of his life but rather focused on how he got into and stayed in major league baseball.  He just wanted to play ball.

The acting was great and Boseman was the perfect actor to fill Robinson’s shoes.  To me, everything I saw seemed period accurate.  From the costumes, cars and scenery to the attitudes of both white and colored.  This film served as a great reminder as to how far the country has come since those days.  Everyone should look back at the past and instead of holding on to the hate, learn from it and push on.