6 Days

6 Days, 2017 film starring Jamie Bell, Mark Strong and Abbie Cornish.  The 1980 hostage taking at the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London.

April 1980, armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London and took everyone inside hostage.  Over the next six days the stand-off continued while the world watched and a group of highly trained SAS operatives waited for the command to go.  Prime Minister Thatcher had only been in office less than a year and this incident would define her stance on this type of violence.  When it was obvious that negotiation would no longer work the SAS were sent in.  Thatcher wanted the operation to unfold on live tv and to serve as a reminder that Britain would not tolerate terrorism.

The film was an ok telling of the real incident in 1980.  They got their facts right about what transpired but I think they could have told it better.  It does recount what happened but from the viewpoint of negotiator Max Vernon (Strong) who talked with the terrorists the whole time and tried to keep the leader on the phone while the SAS began their operations.  Not to say that was a bad way to go but this film could have been a bigger success if they would have thrown a lot more action and fighting into it.

The acting was ok, Strong of course is a brilliant actor and deserves high praise for his role.  I know all the actors were portraying real people but the writers did not really show us who they were.  They should have let us know more of who Kate Adie (Cornish) was and why she stood her ground out there.  In other words they should have given us more back story on the key characters like her and even the terrorists who were central to it.

Well, it was a good watch, somewhat slow in parts but over all good.  Historically it is accurate but from the standpoint of entertainment, it could have used some work.