The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff, 1983 film starring Sam ShepardScott GlennEd Harris, Fred Ward and Dennis Quaid.  Perfect history telling of the original Mercury Seven astronauts.

The history of the US space program started with the Mercury Seven, this true telling of America’s finest and bravest.  The film covers from Chuck Yeager’s breaking of the sound barrier to those first history making flights.   This film dips into their personal and professional lives and gives the audience a clear picture how tough it was not only to form a space program but to actually get there.

This film was bold and masterful, it has become a favorite for many who watch it aver and over as I do.  I love seeing the actual people (from the actors perspective of course) and what they went through, felt and how it impacted their families.  The visuals were great for the early eighties and the acting was well done by all.  I honestly have a hard time finding anything wrong with this picture.  It is historical fact portrayed on the big screen, who could not enjoy.  Great film, great job.

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