My Daddy’s In Heaven

My Daddy’s In Heaven, 2017 film starring Lee Benton, Corbin Bernsen and Michael Aaron Carico.  A perfect family ripped apart by an accident.

A tragic accident takes Becca’s (Benton) husband and Acie’s (Riley St. John) father from them.  Acie is too young to know what’s going on but Becca looses her faith.  She had asked God over and over to show her husband mercy and to save him but he died anyway.  Becca of course can’t handle it anymore, leaves Acie with her father Vernon (Bernsen) and takes off on a self destructive trip to one of her girlfriends.

I know that facing a loved one’s passing is hard, believe me I have recently been there but this film was a bit misleading.  The title would make you think the story would be about the little girl dealing with the loss of her father.  That’s what I was expecting to see however the little girls simply asked her grandfather a few questions while the movie centered on the wife’s way of dealing with her loss.  Now, I don’t want to sound mean but it should have been called ‘my husband is in heaven’.

Bernsen’s acting was really the only solid acting in the entire film unfortunately.  The rest just seemed like rookies to the acting world with a lot left to learn.  The story was ok but should have concentrated on the girl.  I know it was based on a real story and the end credits did show the real people.  The story we see centers on one loosing their faith, a good story no doubt the the actor’s were just not believable and way over acted in most parts.

I am glad that Becca and Acie got together and wrote about their struggle, it really does help other children and adults to cope with a loss.  Everyone’s faith is challenged more than once in their lives but the struggle to regain it is what makes us stronger.  This film however, though the underlying message is good, is not a repeat watch film.  To be honest I turned it off half way but resumed it the next day just to say I finished it.