Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii, 1961 film starring  Elvis Presley, Joan Blackman, Angela Lansbury and Roland Winters.  Probably Elvis’s most popular musical film ever.

After arriving back in Hawaii from the Army, Chad Gates (Elvis) defies his parents wishes for him to work at the family pineapple business  and instead goes to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend Maile’s (Blackman) agency.  There he picks up a gig touring around a school teacher and her four teenage school girls.  Oh, this could only cause trouble for the poor boy.

Sometimes you just have to go back in time and watch some of these films.  As I just toured the Graceland mansion just last week these films were on my mind so I dug up a couple and had fun watching them again.  I did a quick check on Imdb and it doesn’t get a great rating, only a six.  I give it better praise than that.  Sure, by today’s standards this would be a bomb but it was made over fifty years ago so you have to be lenient and base it on the technology and styles from back then.

Elvis’s acting, as I have said before was just mediocre but acceptable.  It was him the ladies wanted back then so it didn’t matter.  His singing of course could not be beat back then either.  Between the mid fifties and mid sixties I think was the age of these types of musicals and not just from Elvis.  People swallowed them up back then and I think they could still hold up today as a classic film watch.

You can not beat the scenery in this film and the makers did a good job of letting us see it all.  The story line was actually a good one for these types of productions although Lansbury’s character was so annoying! No wonder all the father did was drink!!  Anyway, great film worth a re-watch any time you need an Elvis boost.




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